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NEW Header =D

2008-09-24 19:19:22 by NeonNinja64

Not that big of a deal but I rarely post news, so... look at it and tell me what you think.


2008-09-02 20:50:38 by NeonNinja64

Hi guys, I MIGHT start working on some flashes. I'm pretty lazy so dont get your hopes up. Well thats about it.

AaAaAaAh HuRiCaNe!.!

2008-08-30 20:47:23 by NeonNinja64

Well, there's a hurricane headed straight for us, and should be here by Monday are Tuesday. It's already a category 4 (heavy rain and winds reaching 160mph). So we have started preparing for evacuation. We are headed for our Grandmas house. We will be leaving either tomorrow are Monday. So keep me in your prayers guys and wish me the best. I love you guys and hope to be in contact by Thursday (we might not have power, so I cant really guarantee). ill keep you updated the best I can, although if its bad enuf it will be all over the news. Ok bye guys love you all :D (Not gay).

Hello peoplez

2008-08-30 19:17:17 by NeonNinja64

EDIT: I hope to realese the first movie in about 3 weeks. But like i sead I'm lazy.

Hi peoplez from NewGrounds. Just wanna tellz youz guyz im working on a bunch of stick moviesz. Yes I sead stick moviesz. I'm pretty lazy when it come to flash and I dont have anything on NG even though ive been a member for over a year (this is my third account). So instead of sitting on my lazy bum (im not british) im gunna animate lazily...while sitting on my lazy bum.