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AaAaAaAh HuRiCaNe!.!

2008-08-30 20:47:23 by NeonNinja64

Well, there's a hurricane headed straight for us, and should be here by Monday are Tuesday. It's already a category 4 (heavy rain and winds reaching 160mph). So we have started preparing for evacuation. We are headed for our Grandmas house. We will be leaving either tomorrow are Monday. So keep me in your prayers guys and wish me the best. I love you guys and hope to be in contact by Thursday (we might not have power, so I cant really guarantee). ill keep you updated the best I can, although if its bad enuf it will be all over the news. Ok bye guys love you all :D (Not gay).


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2008-08-30 21:17:07

ok. where do u live though

NeonNinja64 responds:

I live in Louisiana.


2008-08-30 21:28:02

hey man. i think we heading to BR. cuz if it stays this path then NO will be under water.

NeonNinja64 responds:

We are headed to Vill Plate. Its not very much further from where we live but at least its something. Keep me updated on your situation if you can.