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Entry #1

Hello peoplez

2008-08-30 19:17:17 by NeonNinja64

EDIT: I hope to realese the first movie in about 3 weeks. But like i sead I'm lazy.

Hi peoplez from NewGrounds. Just wanna tellz youz guyz im working on a bunch of stick moviesz. Yes I sead stick moviesz. I'm pretty lazy when it come to flash and I dont have anything on NG even though ive been a member for over a year (this is my third account). So instead of sitting on my lazy bum (im not british) im gunna animate lazily...while sitting on my lazy bum.


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2008-08-30 19:28:07

your fun

NeonNinja64 responds:

:D Thankz...I think


2008-08-30 19:37:41

sounds cool i'll check out your stick figure movie after you make it

NeonNinja64 responds:

Thank you. I the first one I'm guna release I might call... hmmmm .. can someone make up a name for me? The movie is basically a tournament of stick figures. and in each round there are two sticks "trapped" in a arena (each arena will look different).


2008-08-30 19:53:08

Are they good movies?

NeonNinja64 responds:

I cant guarantee they will be awesome. I can tell you they will be descent though. I promis they wont be huge headed stick figures that just bounce all over.